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We always have deep desire to try to fix your problems. We will say trying because every problems in electronics component has each own complicated matters. But we won't accept orders that we think we can't fix. We accept when we think we can ! And most important is we didnot do office works only, but also home and office matters.

What else We can do for you :

We can do the installation and network design for your new office or tidy up for current office network for you to get maximal usage.
Why we can also do this? Because we have the expert to do it. We said earlier, we only accept what we think we can do. Zero worries and all are guarantee money back.
We can keep you company from scracth before you start for office and consult you with everything regarding to IT issues including hardwares,softwares and networking with best cost based depending on your budget. We can do for you :
  • 1. Plan Network Design
  • 2. Plan Phone Line Design
  • 3. Budgeting PC / Laptop based on your needs
  • 4. What type of Internet connection you can use
  • 5. What type of system you can use for your office usage
Click here to CONTACT US and get the proposal or quotation on our services about consulting and designing your office IT plans.
We can repair almost all devices that have electronic components as well as :
  • Laminating machines,
  • Amplifiers,
  • Speakers,
  • Microphones,
  • Electric fans and others.

Please contact us to ask our capabilities ...

Repair Plans

Choose one of our services base on your problems


one step more complex services
200k Rp/pc
  • Desktop/Laptop Servicing
  • OS & AV Installation
  • Office Taxes Apps Installation
  • Data Backup
  • Emails Backup


Complicated services
300k Rp/pc
  • Desktop/Laptop Servicing
  • OS Migration / Installation
  • Data & Emails Migration
  • Third Party Hardwares connection
  • Networking Connection

Customers Testimonials

We appreciate our customer to submit us their experiences on our services and
allow us to publish their testimonials in our website...

Repair Brands

We work with various kinds of brands and we provide the money back services.

Do you have any question? Feel free to contact.

Bring your valuable desktop, laptop, Macbook, tab or gaming pc. We will happy to serve our best to you.

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