How to Check Your Printer issues?

The recommended and standard way to check your printer issues are how to know what happen to your printer and what make it become stop working. Normally, the users panic if their printer isn't working or when the red light start blinking when they try to print something.

Try to relax and not panic, try to check what is the indicator trying to tell you. All indicator means something, it was made to tell you what happen to the printer. Normally, easiest way that you never thought can solved your issue. And its a paper clip....hmmm or a staple ???

Get Your Printer Repaired With In Two Days

We often accept printer repairment and tried to get it fixed with in a day or at least two days if the problems must forcing us to do the overhaul operation. We always do the observation step by step to observe the problems that help us take further action.

Honestly saying, all repairment will do the same thing, they will try to fix the problems before inform the owner about their printer problems and then qoute them the cost. It is necessary to do to make sure that the issues were fixed excactly at the main problems and then it can be called FIX! What we can do for your printer specified below :

  • Common ThinkTank waste Pad counter reset.
  • Printhead replacement.
  • Repair Paper Jams .
  • WastePad replacement.
  • Printer General Errors.

Generally, most user love to use thinktank printer for the conviniences and low cost print, but most of them doesn't know if each printer have it own printing counter. For Epson, usually it will allow you to print up to 6000 times and you must reset the counter or change your waste pad as the recommendation.

Popular Questions:

Send your question via Whatsapp to our hotline on how to do further maintenance for your printer. But first step is MAKE SURE THERE ARE NOTHING STUCK INSIDE YOUR PAPER TRAY TO AVOID PAPER JAMS.
The light indicator will tell you so. When the light blinking, its always something wrong.
We will call light damage if its only need a counter resetter, cartridge/toner refill error, or paper jam problems. We call it heavy damage if any flexible cable were damaged, printhead spoiled, or ink hose is damaged.
Even it is not recommended, you can always refill your cartridge. But pay attention on ow many times you have refill the same cartridge because with continuos refilled cartridge, it will ruin the sponge/materials inside the cartridge and if that happen, the ink will spill out and damaged your printhead. Same thing happen for toner refill, we recommend you to ask a professional to refill it or trust us, you can say good bye to your printer in a short time before you know it.
90% of printer users never read the manual or even know the specification of the printer. Ow you don't agree? Let me ask you, do you know what is the maximum thickness of your printer can handle? Have you use your printer to print your office or kids homeworks into photopaper? Do you ever know what is the recommended thickness your printer recommend? What happen when you print a paperwork using paper that exceeds from what the manufacturer recommend? Your printer have springs that hold and pinch the paper that will go into the printer. Everytime you use thick papers, the spring will lossen and it can not move up anymore. Imagine when you use normal paper again? you will suffer paper jam...


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