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Question you will ask regarding to your Computers

Its all depend on your needs. When you need your computer to help you do your office works just for typing and calculation, you just need simple specification with atleast DualCore Processor and 4Gb of RAM. But if you need your computer to be able to edit photos, than our suggest should be adding additional graphics card.
Normally, we will suggest you to upgrade your RAM size. But, nowadays, we will suggest you to upgrade first your harddisk type from conventional type to SSD type.It will help your system run faster dan files access will be much more faster than before. Ofcourse, to balancing your system, as your needs, you still need to upgrade your RAM size because each component have their own function.
Yes, ofcourse. But we must force you be objective and compare the price between stores with excact type,brands and size. NEVER compare the price only the speed but you put aside each component's brand. Every computer brand have their own superiority, so you cant compare price from different brand.
First reminder, your system are fine if you never open your system to outsider. Always think that your computer are just a simple sealed box, when you didnt open the seal and the cover, your system will be just fine. But no one can do that because we still need internet, usb Flashdisk, external harddisk, etc. Second answer, using Antivirus...YES, but have you ever heard even someone used antivirus still can be infected by virus and malware? Then how an we protect our system? All you must do is read more and learn more. Read, mean you need to read carefully when some emails or software were trying to be installed after you browse the internet. Or, learn, learn more from anything or anyone have more experiences than you. Decide carefully when you want to do something to your computer system.
Tricky question, but as long as it safe, you can keep using it. But when you like it and consider you are making money from the software, try to save more to buy the original one. For some developing countries, pirated software still the first way to choose and use. Not that we support pirating any software, but considering of the safety of using pirated software is to know about the software itself. When you use the pirated or cracked software, do you know that some of cracker insert some programs that even can steal your identity or your behaviour while using your computer? Why everytime you want to install cracked software, it always ask you to turn off your antivirus if you have one? Try to ask yourself WHY???
Easy, your computer is just same as other home use furniture or electronics goods. Make sure your computer were cleaned periodically. One of computer user was leaving the computer not cleaned and all the air circulation in the computer case closed. It makes all the components inside it get hot quickly and over time it will damage the devices one by one. When the hardwares are clean, We are sure that your computer can last a long time until you dont have any option than have to replace it because it out of date.
Again, its depend on your needs. Each operating system have their own advantages. Most famous system worldwide is Windows. Apart from being user friendly, Windows has been used all over the world and is known as the most compatible operating system with almost all hardware produced by various companies in the world. Secondly, MAC os, will be an option if around you use the same system or because of the toughness of the MAC system to process or edit photos, then MAC OS is the best choice available. Third, LINUX, will be an option if you want an operating system that is completely free and can be changed to the system coding. This system is already very userfriendly, it's just that many still do not want to use this system with consideration of daily habits that have been using other systems and the fear to start learning new things.
Base on our experiences, people who use MAS OS or LINUX usually get faster internet connection/bandwidth than the one using Windows system, considered that among the 3 system are using same specification. Because the programming architecture of each system is different, the windows system turns out to be slower to get the speed quota compared to the other two systems. Without alignments, this can be proven by using all 3 systems in the same internet network.

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