Core Business

We are mainly serve companies information and technology needs and personal or private requests. Which is including hardware and software supplies, technical and maintenance support also office IT management system.

Know us and we assure you, we will not disappoint you because your TRUST is most important for us. We manage to survived since year 2001 because our customers put their trust on us and We realized and believe we will never can buy trust from anyone or anywhere.

We supply most famous brands as :
  • DELL
  • ASUS
  • Hewlett Packard
  • etc

Private or Companies registered as our value customer are always get our main supports. Either way through online support by using third-party application or on-site services, we assure our customer to feel ease at using their computers for daily works.

Maintenance services can be done even our customers did not sign any contract with us. Our staff will always remain the customer to do some cleaning for the PC or laptop they have bought from us. Its always free of charge if the hardware were send to us to do the cleaning within the warranty period.

We also do maintenance services contract by signing agreement between both companies and we will do the rest to make sure company IT supplies are always ready to use.

What we meant here is we will help you design the best system depend on your office / company usage specially in computerized the works of your staffs.

Some company will take easy on how they design the networks, how many computers they have to buy and even too many printer they need to prepare to make their office running better or faster.

But what we do here is we can help our customer to design the system at cost based and maximum usage based so with right tools and minimum cost, they will get what every company want to.


Our Value

With fully respect, we are proud we have more experiences in Information and technologies market and implemented our skills in a good way our customer love and accept. We start in a small rented store located in Mangga Dua Mall and moved to a 3 stories building in Kelapa Gading. All because of the trust we got from what we have done to make our customers happy.

You, as our current customers or our future customers, can always pin point a value to our services. But again, we are experienced company in IT market with ton of bad and good experiences in handling our customers need. We can do more in IT line, but we can do a lot in becoming trusted partner for every company IT requests.

Our value ? We can names some :

  • We provide precise needed tools for your IT equipment
  • We make sure your digital data save
  • We arrange your network with cost-based management
  • We keep your data confidentially (“your data is your matter, no use for us to keep them or distribute them“)
  • We always look for your way out of your IT problems

There are more we can list, but what we want to say is, we believe TRUST is the most important in our works and relation with our customers.


Support Services

We are supporting our customer in every line of their IT needs. Starting from small thing like just a dirt inside the PC to supporting short training of HOW TO in using the equipment. Online or on-site supports are what we do in order to make sure we have make our customers satisfied with our services.

We also do late night support in order of our customer problems condition in urge of finishing their works at that time. We prepared our direct line to every supporting staff to be ready for emergency situation.

In conclusion, it is very easy to use our services. Just need to call for our online support or need us to be in front of you to help you solve your IT issues. We make every support as easy as you have your own IT assistant.